The 50s

The beginning

It all began when, back in the early 1950s, the spouses (my grandparents) Marino Barani and Gina bought a small plot of land near the Castle of Vigoleno. On a portion of that land, originally, my grandparents chose to build a small independent house (that has been extended over time up to the present structure).

On the remaining land next to the house, my grandfather, aware of the excellent and unique qualities of the soil (calcareous) and of the sun exposure mainly to the south (ideal for viticulture), started his business as a nurseryman (retrieving scions from valuable native vines, and then selling the vine shoots to local winemakers).

In order to preserve high-quality scions, he planted his first vineyard including the finest and most requested local varieties of that time. Fate, helped by Marino’s work needs and intuitions, ensured the achievement of a wine with unique and special features.

Given the success of his wine, he went from being a nurseryman to becoming a winemaker, thus selling his wine onsite at his company until the early 2000s.

Nonni Barani

Tradition goes on

Stefano Barani

Currently the company is led by Marino’s grandson, Stefano Barani, and part of those historic vineyards have been maintained and are still used and visible.
The grapes grown in the four hectares of vineyards, which make up the company, are selected and harvested by hand, in small boxes, in order to guarantee the highest quality.
There are CDO (Controlled Designation of Origin) grape varieties such as: Ortrugo, Barbera, Croatina (called Bonarda), Sauvignon Blanc and the ancient Santa Maria.

Since 2022 the company started his conversion to organic production methods.

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